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Share Joy

'This Is Joy' - the podcast and youtube series



Kelly and Abbey are two sisters capturing and sharing moments of joy – from the best days in the life of remarkable people to perfecting chocolate dipped strawberries.
Tune in whenever you need a smile or would love a handy Joy Win to free up more time for you. Their laughter is almost as addictive as the chocolate.

This is Joy Podcast and Youtube series

Edible Blooms Podcasts - This is Joy

This Is Joy podcast brings to life the happiest days from remarkable people and reveals what gives them joy today. Our guests come from a variety of backgrounds,
including happiness experts who give insights about joy. Expect plenty of laughter, chocolate and delightful surprises as we explore joyful living. 

Smile through all episodes of 'This Is Joy' here:

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Edible Blooms You Tube Channel - This is Joy

Episode 1 | This Is Joy - DIY Charcuterie Board

Episode 2 | This Is Joy - This Is Joy - Fizzy Jelly

Episode 3 | This Is Joy - Furoshiki

Episode 4 | This Is Joy - Behind The Scenes At HQ

Episode 5 | This Is Joy - We Try Skinimalism

Episode 6 | This Is Joy - Q&A with Kelly and Abbey

Episode 7 | This Is Joy - Homemade wizz fizz