With the internet offering a virtual smorgasbord of gift delivery options, what was it about plant gifts that sparked our imagination so much that we launched Green Thumb Gifts - and why do we think you’ll love them as much as we do?

Well, there’s lots of reasons really. But there are three in particular:

Firstly, live plant gifts provide so much more than cut flowers for the recipient. They look just as beautiful, with flowering orchids, daisies and cyclamens available to name just a few. But rather than being tossed away after a week, these gifts can be planted and provide years of enjoyment. Some of our customers find this particularly important for occasions where an important life event is being celebrated, for example a birth or a marriage. They use plant gifts to both mark the occasion and also provide a lasting memory of it – imagining enjoying a glass of champagne on your ten year anniversary, underneath the magnolia tree that was gifted to you for your wedding!

Secondly, we love that these gifts give back a little to the environment too. We offer native gum trees, lemon trees and native woollybushes (also known as the Australian Christmas tree) within our range, which are all known for enjoying long lives in our climate. As well as offering something to Mother Earth, their fruits and festive branches give back to us as well.

Thirdly, we’re suckers for all things gorgeous looking. And plant gifts provide the perfect base on which to add beautiful – and purposeful – packaging. All of our plant holders are keepsakes that can be reused, from practical rustic watering cans to windowsill herb boxes. So not only do they make the gifts look stunning on arrival, but once planted their packaging will go on to enjoy a wonderful reincarnation.