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Our Design Team

Co-founder and resident go-to-girl, you can thank Abbey for the on trend new products! More than the brains behind operations and store management, you might also find Abbey busting out her signature dance moves!


Carla, head of UK operations never stops getting crafty. Even on the weekends she loves to up-cycle and forage for new products keeping her mind creative. Not only this, but she is a massive green-thumb, and can never go past the gardens centre bargain bin without rescuing a leafy friend.


Animal lover and vegan, Petra's easy laugh spreads a little sparkle on to everyone around her. A Masseuse by trade, she soothes our aches and pains when we are crazy busy by sending smiles!


Gemma's creativity and sunny personality shows in her beautiful bouquets, bringing a little bit of sunshine to the greyest of days!  She loves to crochet, yoga and country walks. 


The arrangement queen, Yas makes the most gorgeous and intricate designs seem effortless. Mum to a child-cat, her dry-wit makes us chuckle at the most unlikely times, despite her penchant for horror movies!


Our resident photographer and hack king, always creating little crafty inventions around the place to make life easy and making us wonder how we ever lived without him!


A trained florist with a keen eye for all things visual, Rochelle has travelled the world working and collecting memories. Amongst the list of pets she's had, features cats, dogs, birds, hamsters and lizards, hopefully not all at once!


It runs in the family, Yas’ little sister is quick on the heels to become bouquet royalty! Studying graphic design, she loves conceptual art and Korean culture.