We can’t believe that this is even a question of debate. Seriously, who doesn’t love chocolate?

If you are like us and go weak at the knees at the sight of a Ferrero Rocher, or secretly unwrap a gooey caramel chocolate coated surprise at 3pm so that your colleagues in the office can’t hear you, there’s no need to read on. We get it. You’re one of us.

But, if you’re still not convinced – here it is… Why edible blooms are better than flowers.

Okay, picture this. It’s your two-year wedding anniversary and you’re frantic for the perfect gift thanks to your partners lovely Facebook public service announcement (aka reminder).

You head online and you’re inundated with choice. After searching for over half an hour for what you think is a winner that says ‘I had this sorted weeks ago’, you settle on a GB £50.00+ flower arrangement and off it goes… No second thought (except that’s a lot of money for some flowers!), until you see them in the bin 5-7 days later. Argh!

And while we agree that flowers are nice, we think edible blooms are better.

Still not convinced?

Have you ever forgotten to change over the water in your flowers (ugh, the mould!). Or ordered online what you thought was a huge and impressive bunch only to realise it’s a select few blooms wrapped in cellophane? It really takes away from that warm fuzzy moment.

Our gift range doesn’t just say WOW, they are packed with extra kapow. It’s hard to explain – but they’re seriously impressive. What you see is what you get – every time. No questions asked, and the best part – there’s always plenty to share.

Go there you have it, that’s why Edible Blooms are better than flowers. You’re welcome.