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Jingle Bells! 5 Top Christmas Gifts For Your Significant Other

Gone are the days when people scouted for gifts only from the ‘His & Hers’ section for their significant other. Instead, people have binned the gender norms and have started to look for meaningful and thoughtful gifts for one another, especially on special occasions such as Christmas. 

So, how can you make your partner feel special on this occasion and keep the romance alive? Here are some ideas.

1. The Classic Christmas Gift Hampers

Christmas gift hampers, while being an age-old classic, never disappoint. These hampers are a celebration of sorts, with an assortment of goodies and gifts all packed together in a beautiful hamper. The doorstep delivery in your significant other’s name will surely surprise them and make them feel special.

Many companies produce gift hampers during the holiday season. You could order a hamper from your partner’s favourite brand or make your custom gift hampers from online gifting services. 

2. Bouquet Delivery To Their Doorstep

Another classic gift that brings joy to everyone is a bouquet! Fresh flowers can make anyone’s day. Nowadays, you can even customise them online as per your needs. But flowers aren’t your only option for a bouquet.

With the online gifting service industry booming, people have started to request a combination of deliveries together—and we love it! Booking flowers and a chocolate delivery is a great way to surprise your boo. You could create custom bouquets out of an assortment of their favourite chocolates or cookies from the bakery they regularly visit to add a personalised touch. 

3. Personalised Jewellery For Your Partner

Nothing better than wearing something that is a testament to your love for one another. Grab this beautiful opportunity to create a personalised piece of jewellery, such as a pendant or a bracelet. You could even get matching couple jewellery to make it even more special. 

4. An Exciting Couples’ Card Game

As silly as this suggestion may seem, this game works! These fantastic couple card games can help you deepen your relationship. They range from basic and lighthearted questions to serious discussions. “What’s your favourite childhood memory?” to “What’s a dream you wish to chase?” This game covers it all! This cute date night idea can help you connect with your significant other on a whole new level.

5. A DIY Adventure Scrapbook

Calling all fans of the tear-jerker Pixar movie UP! If you and your partner love travelling, this cheesy yet cute DIY adventure scrapbook can complement your travel bug perfectly. 

Use it to journal all your travelling adventures together and plan future trips together. Put up pictures, add messages, and paste souvenirs such as a café bill or token from the places you’ve visited together so that you can dive into the past to revisit all those places whenever you want. 

Making your partner feel special is not always about grand events and plans. Sometimes it’s their favourite scented candle, a walk by the beach, or perhaps, a date to their favourite diner. So this Christmas, take time to surprise your significant other with something personal for them to cherish forever.