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How To Plan A Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Party

The bar/ bat mitzvah of their children is a significant milestone for Jewish parents. And in recent years, the celebration to honour the young man/ woman on their transition has become very popular.

So, if your son/ daughter are about to reach the age of religious maturity, you should get on and start planning their special day. To help you with the same, listed below are a few tips you should consider when planning a bar/ bat mitzvah party.

Choose The Date

The first thing you must do is set a date for the grand celebration. The bar/ bat mitzvah usually takes place after/ on the 13th and 12th birthday, respectively. The date is usually assigned three years or so in advance, depending upon the size of the congregation and circumstances. 

Make sure to consult your family members, the birthday girl or boy when selecting the date. If you want to make the occasion super special, you’d want all your close friends & family members to be there.

Book The Venue

Before choosing the venue, set a budget, and break it down according to the arrangements to be made.

Then, look for a safe location for the event. You may consider hosting the party at the synagogue if the hall is free and spacious enough for the guests you are inviting, or else you may book another venue for the celebration. It’s crucial to book the venue beforehand in order to save last-minute hassles. 

Plan The Food 

Contact reliable caterers in your area and book their services in advance.

When deciding the menu, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will the food be kosher or non-kosher?
  • Will you have a separate menu for kids?
  • Does anyone have allergies or special dietary requirements?

Make sure to include foods from different cuisines. If you want to fill everyone’s tummies, have food stalls spread across the venue.

Don’t Forget The Treats

Bar/ bat mitzvah parties are incomplete without edible treats for the kids and their parents. So, make sure to set up a counter full of candies, cookies, chocolate hampers, etc.

This birthday is extra special for your child. Choose a birthday gift that brings joy to their hearts. Browse Edible Blooms’ selection of birthday gifts for next day delivery.  We have numerous “birthday gifts by type” available. Instead of giving something that you’re unsure about, let us help you put a big smile on the birthday boy’s or girl’s face.

Hire An Entertainer Or An Entertainment Company

Choose the best form of entertainment for the celebration. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your children, so make sure the party is a blast.

Hire the best bar mitzvah DJ.

If you prefer an upbeat atmosphere, hire a live band or performers -- dancers, comedians, singers, etc. 

Final Thoughts

Planning the perfect bar/ bat mitzvah party for your children can be stressful. But if you follow the above-mentioned tips, you can rest assured your kid will have the best party ever!