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How To Be The Best Man On Your Best Friend’s Wedding

Now that your friend has chosen you to be his best man, you have a lot of work on your plate. 

From preparing the best man’s speech to hiring a wedding band and arranging a special chocolate bouquet table decoration for the bridal party, you have to do everything it takes to make the wedding day memorable for your best buddy.

With so many responsibilities on your shoulder, it can feel very overwhelming and stressful. But you don’t have to handle everything on your own. With careful planning and some tips from the professionals, you can execute all the tasks successfully and enjoy your best friend’s wedding day. 

To give you a much clearer picture, enlisted below are a few things you ought to do as the best man for your friend.

Pre-Wedding Responsibilities

This might not sound important, but as the best man, you must ensure the groom is always on time for suit fittings. Do not forget your pre-wedding responsibilities. Help him pick the perfect wedding band for his big day. If he’s worried about writing the wedding vows, sit down with him and help him calm down. 

Organise An Epic Bachelor Party

Make a guest list, book an amazing stag do abroad, and inform the groom and stags to pack their suitcases. Choose adventurous activities for the gang, arrange travel, book a farmhouse, and buy booze. However, when planning the party, don’t forget to determine what would be suitable for the groom and what would not be.

Reveal the destination to the gang, but keep the activities a surprise. Your best friend will love having a good time with the boys -- exploring pubs, dancing, singing, and playing games.

Help With The Wedding Preparations

Be active in assisting with other preparations.

Choose reliable caterers, event entertainers, and decorators. If the groom needs help choosing a wedding theme for the BIG day, search the web and finalise the one that suits the budget. When arranging gifts for the guests, opt for same-day delivery gifts so that everything runs smoothly. 

Be With The Groom On The Wedding Day

As the best man, you are the groom’s confidant. 

Be there with the groom on the big day; he will appreciate your efforts. 

Make sure he eats well and gets proper sleep the night before. Also, see to it that he is not stressed about any wedding chores. 

Make Sure Everyone Enjoys At The Ceremony

Keep a check on all the activities and make sure everyone is doing the tasks assigned to them. 

Additionally, co-host the party and make everyone feel comfortable. Don’t forget to prepare a heartfelt best man speech.

Final Thoughts

Being the best man is not easy. You have to take care of several things, including the few mentioned above. So, make sure you know what your roles and responsibilities include and follow them diligently.


 Put your best foot forward, welcome guests and hold the rings for safekeeping.