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A Brief Guide To Planning the Perfect Mother’s Day

Did you and your mum go to a spa followed by a brunch on Mother’s day? Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, many such yearly Mother’s day traditions won’t be possible.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat your mum to a memorable Mother’s Day. And don’t worry we’re here to help. Check out our brief guide to plan the perfect day for the important women in your life. 

Breakfast In Bed

You have probably made scrambled eggs, toast and tea for Mother’s day when you were younger. Well, it’s time to bring back this lovely way to kickstart the celebrations. Instead of serving boring eggs and toast, take breakfast in bed to the next level with a gourmet menu. Wake your mum with a spread of bagels with cream cheese and caviar, fresh croissants from her favourite bakery, and other scrumptious treats. 

At-Home Spa

You probably can’t go to the spa, but you can create the experience at home. For at-home spa, fill a bathtub with warm water, add a bath bomb and relaxing Epsom salts. You should dim the lights and place scented candles in the bathrooms to create a serene ambience. Go above and beyond by placing a glass of mimosa, magazines or a book on a bathtub tray. You can also play soothing spa music for the complete spa-like experience. 

Shower With Gifts

While your mum is enjoying her at-home spa, it’s the perfect opportunity to decorate and set up unique Mother’s day gifts. Choose a room such as the living room or dining area to decorate with buntings and balloons. You should also order chocolate bouquets and bottles of wine, prosecco or any other drink your mum adores.

No Chores Allowed

As adults, even on our free days, we’re stuck with household chores and errands. Make your mum’s day truly relaxing by not letting her do any chores! You, your siblings and other family members should take over all her chores and errands. 

Spend Quality Time

Perhaps a silver lining to these trying times is that people had the chance to spend quality time with their families. But even though you might be staying under the same roof, work and school make it impossible to take out time for each other. Whether your mum enjoys gardening or playing family board games, find fun activities to spend quality time with your family. 

Fancy Dining Experience

In many parts of the world, restaurants are either shut or dining out isn’t the safest option. If your mum has been missing a specific restaurant meal, surprise her with a home-cooked version. Recreate dining out experience by setting up the table and cooking a three-course meal from scratch. 

Trip Down Memory Lane

After a fabulous sit-down dinner, get your family together for a trip down memory lane. If you have the time and skills, you can create a montage of your cherished memories with your mum. Do you or your siblings play any musical instrument? Maybe you can write a song for Mother’s day!