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6 Christmas Gifts Your Little Girl Will Love

Christmas is the time of the year that every kid looks forward to. So, It’s best if parents stock up on hampers and coupons to make their holiday season special and memorable. And why not? Christmas memories have a serious impact on the child as they grow into adults. Therefore, it is always necessary to make special occasions like Christmas and birthdays unforgettable. If you are out of ideas as to what to get for your little girl, here are 6 great gift ideas for you.

1. Arts and craft items

Kids love arts and crafts due to the explorative nature of each craft project. If your little girl is into making jewellery, drawing, or painting, get her pre-packaged craft and art kits. These will help her explore their artistic flair. Another great option would be art supplies or enrolling them into a favourite art class (more on that later).

 2. Sporting goods

Many little girls love sports and prefer staying outdoors to playing with dolls and toy sets. If your kid fits the bill, you can choose from multiple sporting supplies like a bike, bike helmet, sports gear, sports shoes, and uniforms available online. You can also introduce them to a new sport.

3. Piggy banks

Learning to save from an early age creates healthy financial habits later. If your girl is into saving her pocket money, maybe it’s time to get her a new piggy bank. Alternatively, you can get her a pretend cash calculator and cheque book set or a board game on saving money.

4. Games, toys, and dolls

Does your girl love gaming? This Christmas, get her a Nintendo or similar gaming console. Alternatively, you can get them some toy sets like kitchen sets or shop sets that they will enjoy playing with or a board game that teaches them something. Dolls like Barbie are also great options if your girl is into them.

5. Movies and books

There is no better way to ensure your girl grows to become a learned individual than introducing her to reading habits. This Christmas, you can start this habit with your kid by gifting them books. For the movie buff girl, you can compile educational movies they will love and give the same.

6. Hobby classes

As mentioned in the first point, you can enrol your girl into an arts and crafts class to help them develop their natural talents. However, that’s not all. Other hobby classes like musical instrument classes, singing coaching, martial arts classes are great options too. But before you go ahead, make sure it is something your little one wants and would enjoy.

7. Chocolate Hampers

Children love chocolate in any form possible -- be it chocolate bars, melted chocolate, hot chocolate balls, etc. They love chocolate so much that you can use chocolate as a bribe or a reward to get your child to do something, even eat the healthiest meal on the planet, and as far as Christmas gifts are concerned, you can never go wrong with chocolate gift hampers. Browse Edible Blooms’ selection of Christmas hampers for kids now.


Kids look forward to the holiday season more than anything for the gifts they are bound to get. Make your little girl’s Christmas special by choosing the best Christmas gifts for her. From doughnut boxes to chocolate bouquets and gaming accessories, the choices are plenty.