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25th Jun 2018By Abbey Baker


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Sometimes it can almost feel like gift giving is the last thing on your mind when emails are piling up, there’s a line up outside of your door and your lunch ‘break’ is the biggest overstatement of the day. However, here at Edible Blooms, we feel like it is an essential part of staying in-touch with your workplace and others around you. We promise that your peace of mind will remain in-tact as you easily process your mountainous orders with us, whether it be for Christmas, New Year, or just a generous gesture.

Did you know that corporate gifting can increase business recognition and positive awareness tremendously? Below we have put together just some of the many reasons why we believe corporate gifting is the way to go:

  • Boosts employee engagement – Not only do your employees get to devour some of the yummiest goodies we’ve ever tasted, but it is also shown that they will look more fondly and show greater work ethic toward your business and your leadership. Why not cheer up some busy bees with a treat that everyone can share, and if you’re lucky you might get a few bites in too.
  • Attracts new customers – Sending one of our beautiful blooms will no doubt be the talk of the office. As word spreads, and we know how quickly it does, hearing of your generous gesture of sending out a bouquet to your employees or clients will no doubt highlight your business name and work ethic.
  • Provides incentive to support your growing and successful business – The saying what goes around comes around is definitely going to be the case once you have sent out one of our gorgeous gifts. When you convey your generosity, others will do the same by showing support to your business, whether that be in a financial or otherwise beneficial way.
  • Why not really? – Everyone loves to receive a present, so why shouldn’t it be from your business. Show how much you appreciate a client’s ongoing support, or an employee’s hard work. Send some choccies and yummy goodies their way for many thanks in return.

Our team at Edible Blooms pride ourselves in our ability to create and deliver the perfect gift to your team members, colleagues, clients and friends. We aim to put a smile on every recipients face when they open our gifts to a special surprise inside. Your next easiest gift order is only a few clicks or a phone call away.