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Ways To Make Your Employees Feel Special and Happy This Christmas

22nd Oct 2020By Dean Lindley

Ways To Make Your Employees Feel Special and Happy This Christmas

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Your employees are your most valuable assets. Happy employees are undoubtedly more productive, creative, and dedicated to their work. But there are times when they feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or a little demotivated. This can negatively impact their productivity, and along with that, your bottom line. 

So as a responsible employer, it is your duty to boost your employees’ morale and motivate them from time to time. No, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of bonuses or incentives, but a sweet, small gesture can do wonders, and show them how much you care. 

Now that autumn has well and truly arrived, Christmas is not far behind. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss some ways in which you can make your employees feel happy this Christmas.

Organise A Team Lunch In Advance

Your employees look up to you. You are their role model. 

Although with everyone keeping busy and tied up with work, they may not be able to interact with you on a daily basis. Organising a lunch with your team is a good way of spending some quality time together. 

Inform your employees and book the reservations in advance so that they can clear up their schedules on Christmas Eve. This team gathering will present a great opportunity for you to engage with your employees better, discuss their problems, and come up with effective solutions. It will also help in effective team building.

Distribute Gifts For Christmas

Everyone is in a merry and holiday mood around Christmas. Distributing gifts to your employees can further light up their faces, and add excitement to the already festive occasion. So, browse our exotic selection of Christmas gifts UK, and choose the perfect gift. 

Here are some of the most popular gifts to give your employees this Christmas.

  • Customised gift hampers.
  • Promotional merchandise.
  • Chocolate boxes and bouquets from the best chocolate bouquet company. 
  • Gift Cards.

Give Them A Compliment

You can organise a quick session with your employees where you take the opportunity to compliment and thank each one of them for the hard work that they put in every day.

Take out some time, prior to the session, and curate a personalised note for everyone. In that note, write down the specific qualities that make them unique. Hand over these notes to your employees. This gesture of yours will boost their confidence.

Take Them Out

Team outings are a great way to spend some time beyond work. Try to keep work-life away and make a note to not discuss work. Encourage others to bring their kids along and engage in fun activities like playing games, dancing, etc.  

You can also consider organising corporate away days. What better time of year than Christmas to whisk the entire team off to a remote – and if they're really lucky -- an exotic location?

Final Thoughts

Gestures as small as these can go a long way in making your employees happy and boosting their morale. When they feel respected at work, they work harder to achieve a common goal --  help your business achieve the success it deserves.