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​Hospital Gift Delivery in the UK

4th Mar 2022

​Hospital Gift Delivery in the UK

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Did you know that many UK hospitals no longer allow fresh flowers in wards or as a hospital gift delivery?

We get it – nurses should be doing what they do best which is caring for patients rather than changing water and finding vases. So navigating your way around what is suitable, can be an added stress, on an already taxing time.
Letting someone in the hospital know you care is an important part of the recovery process. At Edible Blooms have prepared our top tips to ensure smooth delivery of your hospital gift and also our tips and tricks to choosing the perfect gift for either a get well soon, I’m thinking of you or even celebrating a new baby's arrival…

Hospital Gift Delivery Ideas

Most hospitals encourage gifts of fruit, books, or magazines but when you’re looking for something to really cheer their spirits, an Edible Blooms delivery can be the perfect solution for a hospital gift delivery. A chocolate bouquet or gourmet hampers tick all the boxes for a hospital gift. No water required, no concerns about allergies from pollen, just pure joy and get well wishes as soon as it arrives.

Our gift range is ideally suited to NHS-approved gift deliveries and is even welcomed by many of the strictest hospital guidelines.

What should I do if the patient is only in the hospital for 1-2 days and I would like to send them a get well soon gift?

The best option is to wait and send their hospital gift to them at home. Our new ‘Instant Gift’ delivery option enables you to send your good wishes instantly and the patient can enter their preferred delivery address and delivery date so you don’t have to worry.

What happens if I send a gift to the hospital and the patient checks out early?

We have no control over how long a hospital gift will take to arrive in the relevant ward once accepted by the hospital. This is exactly why we created our ‘instant gift’ delivery option so you can send your get well wishes quickly and without the pressure of a delivery failure.

Can you send gifts to ICU patients?

Yes, you can, but as someone who has spent days in the ICU waiting room, I encourage you not to. It’s often the family members supporting the patient in ICU that need to know they’re in your thoughts so consider sending your gift to their home, or hotel room where family is staying. A gourmet hamper gift is often welcome after a long day waiting in the hospital so they have some well-deserved treats to look forward to.

How do I make sure my hospital gift arrives on time?

Sending gifts into busy hospitals is most successful when you invest in some prior preparation. Deliveries are subject to each individual hospital's internal processes of distributing gifts. Here are our top tips to ensure the smoothest delivery possible:

  1. Check before sending if the Hospital concerned accepts gifts for patients? Each UK hospital has its own policy. Often you can find this information on their website which is particularly helpful if you are ordering the gift from overseas.
  2. If they accept deliveries, confirm what types of gifts are permitted. We also recommend checking the patient, or staff members, ward/department and bed number if available to ensure smooth and speedy handover on arrival.
  3. Make sure the patient (or staff member) will be there for longer than 1-2 days to enable delivery to take place (see our suggestions below for short or unconfirmed lengths of stay). Avoid sending fresh fruit or cheese and baked goods in case they are delayed overnight. There’s nothing worse than a special hospital gift delivery arriving spoiled.
  4. Double-check you have the patient, or NHS staff members, name spelled correctly. If it’s a maternity ward gift delivery for a new baby gift, check if the mother is admitted under her maiden or partner surname.
  5. Include your phone number so that you can be contacted if there are any questions by the hospital staff when your gift arrives. We print this information on the delivery label.

Can I send a gift to NHS nurses, staff, and doctors?

Official guidance permits staff, such as nurses and doctors in NHS hospitals, to receive a box of chocolates or other small tokens of appreciation from patients and their families. It’s important to note that gifts valued at more than £50 need to be declared so keep this amount in mind when selecting something to show your gratitude. NHS staff are required to decline anything that may affect their professional judgement.

What’s the most important thing about a hospital gift delivery?

It’s letting them know that you care. At difficult times this means the world.

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