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Corporate Gifts 2022

10th Mar 2022

Corporate Gifts 2022

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Corporate Gifts Guaranteed To WOW Your Staff, Clients & Customers In 2022

What are the best corporate gifts for 2022?

Thoughtful Gifts

Any good present should have an element of thoughtfulness, and corporate gifts are no exception. The best gifts possess a unique component that shows you put genuine thought into finding something terrific for your most valuable clients or staff.


What are you trying to communicate? Is it celebrating the star performers in the team or communicating a business achievement. Finally, is there a clever way to communicate that visually or experientially.

Consider seasonalities, interests, or activities. And consider the context of who you’re buying the gifts for, as a gift for a prospective client will likely be different than one for a long-time associate.


Want people to talk about your amazing gift? Then personalise it. By that we don't mean place your brand all over it, we mean consider a gift that people will find surprising or delicious they will want to talk about. It’s also important to offset group gifts with personalised ones. Having a personal component for each person shows that you value them all individually, too. Using ribbons, stickers, branded elements is great for branding, but finish it off with a personal message.

Corporate Chocolate Flower Gifts

What are some creative corporate gift ideas?


Virtual meetings, team building and gifts are now considered the new norm. Great virtual team gifts are experience hampers, tailored quizzes with hidden scavenger hunts, digital tours, and online concerts. All of these employee team-building ideas make for captivating virtual gift experiences.

Personalise the unexpected

You can get someone’s name engraved on pens or notebooks, as opposed to your brand. Place your brand on ribbons, cards or elements that can be removed. People are more inclined to not only use it but feel gratitude towards something they enjoy, versus appears paid.

Office Plant

Workers are always looking for ways to spice up their offices, and plants are a great way to accomplish this goal. Succulents add a splash of colour to any room and will really stand out if placed in a unique spot. Most importantly, the low maintenance required by your recipients coupled with the low costs of purchasing the plants makes them a worthwhile and affordable corporate gift.

Coffee Subscription

If you’re seeking a corporate gift for coffee lovers, you can satisfy their caffeine needs by ordering them a coffee subscription. You can keep the order options relatively simple, or send a corporate coffee gift basket. Virtual coffee is not going away any time soon, creating an addition to every day is a great surprise for any staff member

Beer or Wine Tasting

Cases of beer and bottles of wine are common corporate gifts, but why not go beyond that idea by organising a beer taste session or beer quiz aligned to the tasting? It's also a great way to create the new clock off drinks.

Chocolate Hampers Corporate Gifts