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12 Ideas For Your Next Date Night

31st May 2021By Dean Lindley

12 Ideas For Your Next Date Night

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At the beginning of a relationship, going on dates is so exciting. We look forward to dressing up and diving deep into the thrill of exploring new things with our special someone. But as the relationship progresses, the honeymoon phase slows down and things fall into a rut. The formerly exciting dates nights become silent dinners with lots of mindless Instagram scrolling. 

Date nights aren’t just a romantic gesture for the initial courtship period. It’s a way to spend quality time with your partner and keep things interesting. Whether you’re bored with movie-dinner dates or don’t have the time to plan something special, we’re happy to help.

Check out our 12 date night ideas that are anything but boring. 

Plan A Picnic

Date night doesn’t have to be extravagant to be memorable. Take your partner on a picnic date in the neighbourhood park. Indulge in silly card games and scrumptious snacks, and voilà, the perfect date. Don’t forget to surprise them with tasty, luscious chocolate bouquets from Edible Blooms. Write something special on our personalised gift card to make them feel butterflies in their tummy.

Build A Fort

If you’re looking for a cheap date night option, you’ve hit the jackpot because building a fort is free. Take inspiration from The Holiday and build a fort out of pillows and sheets. Decorate it with fairy lights, glittery stars and LED candles. Order your favourite food, put on a Netflix show and enjoy the dreamiest date!

Go To An Escape Room

For the couple that enjoys going on activity-based dates, go to an escape room. Working and solving puzzles together will get your communication back on track.

Attend A Live Show

If you’re tired of going to the movies or bingeing shows at home, attend a live show. Watching television is comfortable, but it doesn’t come close to watching a live performance. From Cirque du Soleil to music concerts to comedy shows, there are several options to choose from.

Join A Class

How many times has your partner expressed a desire to learn a new skill? Show them that you listen and try out a new activity class with them. You can join anything from cooking classes to dance lessons.

Go Wine Tasting

Take your shared love for wine to the next level by taking a trip to a vineyard. There’s nothing more memorable than drinking wine on a summer afternoon, snacking on cheese and getting tipsy with your better half.

Real Estate Hopping

Inspired by the movie That Awkward Moment, try real estate hopping. Take tours of all the grandiose property in your area. You can even put on characters and make a game out of it.


If your busy schedule is keeping you from taking a vacation, try a staycation. Book a cute BnB or a luxury hotel in your city and enjoy a weekend away with your spouse. And if you’d like, pre-order a Corona Beer Chocolate Arrangement Deluxe from Edible Blooms to spend a perfect date night in bed watching your favourite movies and sipping beer. You could also browse through our unique gift range for him to select a hamper of your choice. 

A No-Phone Date

Whether you’re going to a magnificent circus show or a quiet dinner, leave your phones behind. Try to be present and talk to each other without being distracted by social media.

Visit An Auction

Feed your love for antique things by visiting an auction. It’s something different and who knows you might end up with a precious artefact.

Try Thrifting

There is a rising concern for the wellbeing of our planet Earth, and you can do your part by going on a sustainability-focused date.

All you have to do is go to a thrift store and pick each other's outfits. To make it extra fun, make a pact to wear these outfits on your next date.

A Book Date

If you and your spouse are avid readers, then this is the perfect date option for you. Head over to a library or bookstore and pick a book for each other. You’d be surprised to find out how much fun it can be.

So what are you waiting for? Take out your calendar and make plans for your next free weekend!